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A man shoots himself in the head in a film that's dead from the neck down. Harsh? Possibly, but Hare's first film as director, set in Yorkshire, does seem to be playing mind games. McInnerny is the uninvited guest who twice turns up at the Wetherby home of schoolteacher Jean Travers (Redgrave) - first at a dinner party and then, the following day, to commit suicide in front of her. Flashbacks, to the night before and a dark episode in the teacher's past, with Richardson fittingly playing the young Travers, seek to cast light. Redgrave's performance is superb and she's ably supported by Holm, Dench, and Hamilton in particular. Perhaps lacking the truly cinematic qualities of Hare's later Paris by Night, but avoiding the stagebound theatricality of The Designated Mourner, Wetherby is - if you can track it down - worth the detour.

By: NRo


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

David Hare
David Hare
Vanessa Redgrave
Ian Holm
Judi Dench
Stuart Wilson
Joely Richardson
Robert Hines
Tim McInnerny
Suzanna Hamilton
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