What About Me?

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Time Out says

In Los Angeles, they say, everyone has a script. In New York, though, everybody goes ahead and actually makes their movie - usually in b/w and preferably with a rock guitar soundtrack, in this case by Johnny Thunders. Written, produced, directed and starring Rachel Amodeo, this is a late example of that old new wave scene which crested in the early '80s. Amodeo (formerly a drummer with Vacuum Bag and Das Furlines, apparently) is Lisa, lonely, unemployed and sharing her aunt's low-rent apartment. She buys a coffee cup from a bag lady (Carne) and spends her last dollar on a palm reading. Returning home, the landlord (Rockets Redglare) says her aunt is dead. Then he rapes her. Then he evicts her. Lisa becomes a bag lady. She is struck by a motorbike. She witnesses a mob hit. The victim dies in her arms. The film ends with her death on a bench beneath the Statute of Liberty.

By: TCh


Release details

87 mins

Cast and crew

Rachel Amodeo
Rachel Amodeo
Rachel Amodeo
Richard Edson
Judy Carne
Richard Hell
Rockets Redglare
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