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Time Out says

When a poet suffers a near fatal stroke, his wife receives the manuscript of an erotic novella he'd written (unbeknown to her) from a lecturer friend; suspecting it contains autobiographical elements about an intense, liberating affair, she begins to investigate and finds her ideas about her marriage, masculinity, sex and truthfulness overturned. This low-budget feature, while a tad predictable, is an intriguing, intelligent study in erotic obsession; if the narrative, with its flashbacks constructed largely from stills, is occasionally clumsy and over-arty, this is still a sporadically rewarding foray into territory previously charted by the likes of Resnais, Roeg and Kieslowski.


Release details

102 mins

Cast and crew

John Hughes
John A Scott
Angie Milliken
Jacek Koman
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