Whatever Lola Wants


Time Out says

*** (Three stars)
This film follows the adventures of Lola, a Midwestern blond trying—without much luck—to fulfill her dreams of becoming a dancer in New York. A postal worker by day, she falls for a handsome Egyptian man who lives along her mail route. When he leaves the country unexpectedly, Lola follows him to Cairo with the hope of rekindling their romance, but she falls in love with the art of belly dancing instead.

Cheesy one-liners, as well as Lola’s naive antics and ridiculous outfits, make a lot of this movie difficult to stomach, but the Arabic soundtrack and fun dance scenes almost compensate.—Samantha Terry, marketing manager

[This is a TONY staff review, written for the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. It is not considered an official review and should not be read as such. Please think of it as a casual impression from a movie-loving friend.] 



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115 mins

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