What's New Pussycat

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

At the time, Richard Williams' credit titles were thought to be better than the film they introduced. In retrospect, it is clear that while Woody Allen, who wrote the script and appears as the hero's friend, saw it as a satire on womanising - the O'Toole character is based on Warren Beatty - Clive Donner saw it as a morality tale in the form of a farce. The mixed results are entertaining, if flawed. O'Toole is the promiscuous hero, with Schneider, Andress, Prentiss and Capucine as some of his women, and Sellers the decidedly camp psychoanalyst he goes to for help.


Release details

108 mins

Cast and crew

Clive Donner
Woody Allen
Paula Prentiss
Peter Sellers
Romy Schneider
Woody Allen
Peter O'Toole
Michel Subor
Annette Poivre
Ursula Andress
Richard Burton
Edra Gale
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