Where the Green Ants Dream


Time Out says

A bunch of inscrutable Aboriginals occupy a patch of Australian desert, sitting down in the path of oil prospectors. Why these surly Abos? Why these belligerent Diggers? It's all because the land is a sacred burial site for mythical green ants - except that no such creatures figure in Aboriginal mythology, they're just bugs in Herzog's brain. That doesn't matter. We follow the protesting Aboriginals through a court case (the most laughable scene in this badly acted, sloppily directed movie), and back to their sit-down strike, still uncertain whether this is meant to be an adventure in anthropology, an exercise in environmental agit-prop, or just an excuse for Herzog to spend someone else's fortune laying classical music over shots of empty desert.


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Werner Herzog
Werner Herzog
Bruce Spence
Wandjuk Marika
Roy Marika
Ray Barrett
Norman Kaye
Colleen Clifford
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