Where the Truth Lies


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Judging by her actions and facial expressions, the supposedly talented young journalist Karen O'Connor (Lohman) isn't bright enough to know that she needn't actually answer the door during a knock-knock joke. Yet Atom Egoyan's risible murder mystery, chock full of idiotic plot twists, continually informs us that she's some kind of a wonder girl, capable of figuring out an unsolved, sensational crime. So O'Connor taxes her brain, which seems incapable of crapping out a thought, as she investigates a Martin and Lewis-like comedy duo with a sex scandal la Fatty Arbuckle in its past.

Vince Collins (Firth) and Lanny Morris (Bacon) spent the '50s hosting polio telethons and engaging in sex and drug marathons. Things got ugly for the not-so-funny men when a threesome with a pretty hotel employee ended in her death. Fifteen years later the two men are sad shells of their former celebrated selves, and unraveling the events of that lurid, fateful night becomes O'Connor's obsession.

Lohman performs down to the level of the material, woodenly delivering Egoyan's reams of writerly expository dialogue with a dazed look on her face. But her performance doesn't really ruin anything—Egoyan's latest would have been just as off the mark, uninvolving and ridiculous without her. This movie may center on the wreckage of two comedians' careers, but the director should be worried about his own.—Darren D'Addario



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