Film, Comedy

Time Out says

This dire sex comedy stakes out territory somewhere between Swingers and American Pie. Guys sit around trading descriptions of how last night's date, quote, 'cleaned my tailpipe' and how they wanked themselves off. Brad (Holt) is a smarmy Wall Street operator whose favourite scam is to approach a woman and pretend they have a mutual friend. Zeke (Barber) is an aspiring screenwriter with an outsize ego; Jonathan (Abrahams) the weirdo who's scared of meaningless sex. Then there's Eric (Domke), their married ex-pal, who hangs around for vicarious kicks and drinks grapefruit juice to improve the taste of his sperm. 'There is a bit of me in all these characters, all my friends are like this,' the writer/director declares. The guys get their comeuppance - sort of - when they all fall in love with Mia (Peet), a character every bit as unconscionable as they are.


Release details

82 mins

Cast and crew

Peter M Cohen
Peter M Cohen
Amanda Peet
Brian Van Holt
Jonathan Abrahams
Zorie Barber
Judah Domke
Callie Thorne
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