White Palace


Time Out says

In the years following his wife's death, Max (Spader) leads a carefully controlled life: a sense of purpose is found through work, and passion confined to a love of classical music. Then he meets no-nonsense Nora (Sarandon), for whom culture consists of Marilyn Monroe, and whose apartment boasts the Just-Ransacked look. He's 27, Jewish, and an affluent copy-writer; she's 44, Catholic, and a fast-food waitress. Will their affair survive differences in background, the age gap, and Thanksgiving dinner with Max's over-solicitous friends? Glenn Savan's novel offered a stronger exploration of Reaganism and consumerism, but overall he's served well by this intelligent, involving adaptation. There's an unmistakable charge between the two leads, and an acute sense of their mutual confusion. Acting honours go to Sarandon, who brings off a complex depiction of vulgarity, defiance and vulnerability.

By: CM


Release details

103 mins

Cast and crew

Luis Mandoki
Ted Tally, Alvin Sargent
Susan Sarandon
James Spader
Jason Alexander
Kathy Bates
Eileen Brennan
Spiros Focas
Gina Gershon
Steven Hill
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