Film, Science fiction

Time Out says

Looking rather better on TV than on the big screen, where its rough edges show up more, this is a very passable adaptation of a fine sci-fi/espionage novel by Algis Budrys. The basic premise is vividly laid out as an American scientist (Bova), injured in a car crash on the Russian border, is returned to the West after advanced medical treatment which has him looking like a Martian invader with a prosthetic metal head. Thereafter the script develops cold feet, and obscures its detective theme - is this the same man, and can he be safely returned to his secret research? - by making tiresome concessions to action adventure (routine car chase and so forth).


Release details

93 mins

Cast and crew

Jack Gold
John Gould
Elliott Gould
Trevor Howard
Joseph Bova
Ed Grover
James Noble
John Lehne
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