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Whoever Says the Truth Will Die


Time Out says

Even for someone disillusioned by the fall-off in originality of Pasolini's later films, this neat little documentary exerts considerable interest. Hardly surprising, given that the director led a pretty colourful life, making his name first as a poet and novelist, hanging out with the denizens of Rome's poorest suburbs, and repeatedly coming into conflict with the authorities (tried and acquitted 33 times) for his homosexuality and political views. Bregstein's film attempts to understand the man himself and his place in Italian art and politics, while also questioning the verdict that had Pasolini killed by a single 17-year-old boy in 'self-defence after sexual threats'. From various pieces of evidence, it does indeed seem that no one person could have carried out such a brutal mutilation, nor would have wanted to. Whatever one feels about the answer posited here, however, it's a fascinating and provocative look at a complex and disturbing man.

Release Details

  • Duration:52 mins

Cast and crew

  • Director:Philo Bregstein
  • Cast:
    • Laura Betti
    • Bernardo Bertolucci
    • Alberto Moravia
    • Antonietta Macciochi
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