Who's That Girl

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Would-be madcap comedy wallowing in the wake of Bringing Up Baby. Inoffensive Dunne, who wouldn't even park next to a fire hydrant, is sent to collect Madonna from jail and put her on a bus out of town, and to collect a species of cougar from the docks. The girl and the cat are kindred spirits, of course, and demonstrate their emancipation from dreary old straight life at every opportunity, to the mortification of their keeper. She's out to clear her name, the bad guys are out to stop her, but in the nick of time Dunne resurrects his skill with a rapier. Sir John Mills appears, briefly and embarrassingly, as a life-affirming zoo owner, and the billing and cooing in his menagerie finally activates our hero's libido. Tiring stuff.


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

James Foley
Andrew Smith, Ken Finkleman
Griffin Dunne
Haviland Morris
John McMartin
Bibi Besch
John Mills
Robert Swan
Drew Pillsbury
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