Why Shoot the Teacher


Time Out says

Earnest amiability is both the keynote and the principal weakness of this movie, in which Cort stars as an adolescent Montreal teacher who takes up a post in the wilds of Depression Saskatchewan, where he learns about Life, Love, and Manhood the hard way. Impeccably good intentions are betrayed by occasional lapses of probability, and the project suffers from predictable faults: no reason is offered for the hardship of the people's lives other than the harsh climate; the 'realism' of it all breeds lush landscape photography. But as a hesitant testimony to a historical period (the growth of a Dominion into a nation), it manages its clichés with considerable grace.


Release details

99 mins

Cast and crew

Silvio Narizzano
James DeFelice
Bud Cort
Samantha Eggar
Chris Wiggins
Gary Reineke
John Friesen
Michael J Reynolds
Kenneth Griffith
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