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'Everything Goes in Wichita' boast the signposts. The railroad has put the town on the map, but those businessmen set to become rich off the influx of hungry, thirsty, rowdy cattlemen are also concerned that their property should be protected against the cowboys' worst excesses. They persuade the reluctant Wyatt Earp (McCrea) to accept the marshal's badge, but have second thoughts when his civic law and order policies contradict their commercial instincts. This smooth, unassuming Western fits in neatly between the idealism of Ford's My Darling Clementine (1946) and the cynicism of Dmytryk's Warlock (1959). It ends optimistically enough, with Earp and his new bride leaving for a date with destiny in Dodge City, but not before the loss of at least two innocents, and many more gunmen,

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