Widows' Peak


Time Out says

A peculiar concept, this hill where only single women and widows are permitted to live, but such a place forms the setting for director Irvin's first foray into comedy. Set in 1920s Ireland, it tells of a community of widows, spearheaded by Plowright, which is disrupted by the arrival of spirited war widow Edwina (Richardson, with American accent). Farrow plays the downtrodden Miss O'Hare who immediately takes a violent dislike to Edwina. Both seem to have a difficult past they want hidden, the unravelling of which forms a strong whodunit narrative and, ultimately, a clever plot twist. The robust characterisation of the trio is the film's main strength.


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

John Irvin
Hugh Leonard
Mia Farrow
Joan Plowright
Natasha Richardson
Adrian Dunbar
Jim Broadbent
Gerard McSorley
Tina Kellegher