Wild Card

Film, Drama

Time Out says

A police procedural thriller, crammed with stock characters and situations, not to mention overly caricatured underworld types, brought alive by vivid and engaging direction. Investigating two identical (but seemingly random) murders on the night streets of Seoul, the cops round up the usual suspects and start twisting arms. They end up with four identikit portraits - and the problem that the sketches look like pretty much any group of young Korean men. But the antithetical impulses of the impulsive cop Bang (rapper Yang, definitively establishing himself as a movie actor) and his more measured colleague Oh (Jeong) finally get results and an intermittently exciting manhunt ensues. Above average.

By: TR


Release details

112 mins

Cast and crew

Kim Yoo-Jin
Lee Man-Hee
Yang Dong-Geun
Jeong Jin-Yeong
Han Chae-Young
Ki Ju-Bong
Min Myung-Guk
Hwang Jun-Young
Yu Ha-Bok
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