Wild in the Streets

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

A wild, uneven frolic about a teenage takeover, directed with great verve by Shear from a witty script by Robert Thom. It's a nightmare fantasy about a millionaire pop star (Jones) who enters politics, gets the voting age lowered to 15, and is swept to the White House. Soon everyone over 35 is being herded off to 'Paradise Camps' to be force-fed LSD. But there's a small problem left for the new dictator: a small child crossly observes how old he is at 24... Despite its rough edges and airy trimmings, the film has a chilling nub of possibility to it, neatly underlined in a scene where the hero's mother (Winters) is dragged out of hiding by youthful guards deaf to her plea that she is a teenager. As she is dragged away, her despairing cry floats back: 'But I'm aryan...I mean, I'm young, I'm young'.

By: TM


Release details

96 mins

Cast and crew

Barry Shear
Robert Thom
Michael Margotta
Hal Holbrook
Christopher Jones
Bert Freed
Millie Perkins
Diane Varsi
Ed Begley
Shelley Winters
Richard Pryor
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