Wild River


Time Out says

Maybe it's the location shooting, maybe it's the performances, but Kazan's lyrical, liberal account of a Tennessee Valley Authority agent (Clift) struggling to persuade an obstinate old woman (Fleet) to abandon her home before it is flooded by a new project, is one of his least theatrical and most affecting films. Partly that's because the battle lines - between city and country, old and new, expediency and commitment - are effectively blurred, making the conflict more dramatically complex than one might expect; but Kazan's evident nostalgia for the '30s (New Deal) setting also lends the film greater depth and scope than is usually to be found in his work.


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Cast and crew

Elia Kazan
Paul Osborn
Montgomery Clift
Lee Remick
Jo Van Fleet
Jay C Flippen
Albert Salmi
Barbara Loden
James Westerfield
Bruce Dern
Frank Overton
Malcom Atterbury
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