Will My Mother Go Back to Berlin?

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Micha Peled's mother left her native German for Palestine in 1937, never to return. As her 80th birthday approaches, Peled cooks up a plan with his producer. He will visit her armed with a personal invitation from the mayor of Berlin and an air ticket. The woman turns out to be a stern, rigorous thinker, and still an activist (she's seen Shoah twice, she says: 'Like a whip on my back...pointless of course'). It's clear to us, if not to Peled, that this plan is a mistake. In seeking some personal/ political reconciliation, he only throws into relief the chasm between the generations. Worse, he brings a film crew along with him. At the end of this absorbing, ambivalent documentary, mother and son can only talk about the weather.

By: TCh


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53 mins

Cast and crew

Micha Peled
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