Winter of Our Dreams


Time Out says

Contemporary urban life in the lucky country found wanting. Alas, this offering from the New Australian Cinema wears its heart and its didacticism on a rather tired old sleeve. The storyline bulges with stereotypes. The suicide of a folksy idealist turned hooker brings about the meeting of two people from two different realms of her past: her agitprop, Richard Neville-clone former lover, Rob (Brown), now owner of an arty Sydney bookshop; and fellow pro and junkie, Lou (Davis). Armed with her loser's uniform of peroxide crew-cut, kitsch togs, and aggressive vulnerability, Lou sets out to win Rob from his cosy refuge of bland materialism. Against a tritely sentimental screenplay and an eerily inert performance from Brown, Davis fights an uphill battle to provide convincing emotional light and shade.

By: BPa


Release details

90 mins

Cast and crew

John Duigan
John Duigan
Judy Davis
Bryan Brown
Cathy Downes
Baz Luhrmann
Peter Mochrie
Mervyn Drake
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