Wise Guys

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Made in between Scarface and The Untouchables, De Palma's third gangster movie of the '80s is something completely different: a light-hearted and extremely wacky caper in which DeVito and Piscopo play small-time errand-runners for a local mobster. Failing in their efforts to essay a little double-crossing, each finds himself faced with a contract to kill the other. Instead they go on the run, and end up on a spending spree using the mob's credit card. Some great laughs, but it isn't hard to see why the film was never released theatrically in Britain: at times it just gets bogged down with over-the-top performances. The ending is great, though.


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Brian De Palma
George Gallo
Danny DeVito
Joe Piscopo
Harvey Keitel
Ray Sharkey
Dan Hedaya
Julie Bovasso
Patti LuPone
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