Without You I'm Nothing

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Time Out says

More of a pop video than a movie, this is the film version of outrageous comedienne Sandra Bernhard's off-Broadway show. Her pastiche of the Hollywood dream is a hilarious hit parade of tormented lesbian lullabies, awesomely bad '70s go-go girl costumes, and 'in your face' sexual politics. Bernhard, the original wide-mouthed frog, shimmies her way through a star-spangled show: an anorexic, Madonna-style strippergram one minute and a bad-assed impression of a 'sexpert' in the mould of Dr Ruth the next. She turns the old soul classic 'Me and Mrs Jones' into a sexually ambiguous anthem, and she kidnaps Prince's 'Little Red Corvette', transforming it into a bump-and-grind strip show. She also sends up her own life, from growing up in Michigan to revealing a hidden yearning to be a Gentile on Christmas Day. This is sure to catapult Bernhard (best known previously as the crazed groupie in King of Comedy) into the mainstream as a performer; whether the mainstream is ready for her is another matter.


Release details

94 mins

Cast and crew

John Boskovich
John Boskovich, Sandra Bernhard
Sandra Bernhard
John Doe
Steve Antin
Lu Leonard
Ken Foree
Cynthia Bailey
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