Film, Fantasy

Time Out says

Bakshi, maker of Fritz the Cat and Heavy Traffic, is still waving a tattered flag for Underground Culture in this sentimental animated satire on the future ways of the world. Two brother wizards battle for supremacy. One's good, with a vast ginger beard and a George Burns voice, and is supported by a host of elf and fairy helpers (fairies are the true ancestors of man, we're told). The other's evil, all bones and no flesh; he fuels the hatred of his subjects with Nazi propaganda films found along with a movie projector in the rubble of the 20th century. Provided one can stomach the combination of elves and Nazis (and it's a big proviso), then there's moderate fun here and there. But the film shows all the signs of an economic freeze: it has quite lavish backgrounds, but bare, unimaginative character movement, and frequent use of still drawings to fill in portions of the narrative.


Release details

81 mins

Cast and crew

Ralph Bakshi
Ralph Bakshi
Bob Holt
Jesse Wells
Richard Romanus
David Proval
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