Women Talking Dirty


Time Out says

'A wank a day keeps the doctor away,' laugh Cora (Bonham Carter) and Ellen (McKee). And that - apart from the occasional obscenity - is it, as far as women talking dirty goes. The title's such a glaring misnomer, it might have been calculated to lure as many men as women. Few fellas, however, would rush to see a female buddy chickflick set in Edinburgh. Twenty-year-old Ellen and 19-year-old Cora are good people who make bad choices: Ellen marries sleazy Daniel (Purefoy), a gambler who claims to be doing a PhD in women's post-coital chat; Cora falls pregnant by accident and drops out of university. Despite their differences - sullen Ellen is a successful illustrator, Cora a buoyant kid in psychedelic duds - the two become best pals. Then Daniel seduces Cora without her realising who he is, but what does that matter now she's pregnant again. Even with girlish fringe and kooky bunches, McKee and Bonham Carter look too old to play the first flush of youth, while the genuine affection they express for each other is marred by wavering Scottish accents. Still, it's mostly innocuous enough fare, and funny at times.

By: CF


Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Coky Giedroyc
Isla Dewar
Helena Bonham Carter
Gina McKee
Eileen Atkins
Kenneth Cranham
James Nesbitt
James Purefoy
Ken Drury
Richard Wilson
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