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'You wanna hear a story?' Scuzz-phobes who had their fill of cock and bull in Boogie Nights can whistle on by now. Here it comes: John C Holmes, 13-inch celebrity porn-star, burnt-out cokehead, 15-year-old honey-pie, life in the gutter, nose for destruction, lowlife associates, drug guzzlers, spent wads, crackpot get-rich wheeze, knock-over kingpin racketeer Eddie Nash, backfires, backlash, multiple murders, grisly crime scene, multiple testimonies like Rashmon means we get to tell it all again. Then cop a load of this: Val Kilmer largin' it in half-buttoned shirt, tousled mop, stubble and shades, Lisa Kudrow with eye-bags and double-chin, Kate Bosworth cooey-eyed, Dylan McDermott, Josh Lucas, Tim Blake Nelson, Carrie Fisher, Christina Applegate, Natasha Gregson Wagner and Janeane Garofalo all cutting up rough, Ted Levine as the snorting detective, Eric Bogosian in a dressing gown and silly accent. And this: jaggy camerawork, jump cuts and stop-motion transitions, monochrome fade-outs, sepia dissolves, box-panel split-screens, multi-layered jackpot graphics, hectic narration, overcooked movie lingo, a greedy slew of '70s guitar rock peppering the soundtrack... Feel the excitement! Feel the swagger! Oh wait, where'd the story go?


Release details

104 mins

Cast and crew

James Cox
James Cox, Captain Mauzner, Todd Samovitz, D Loriston Scott
Val Kilmer
Kate Bosworth
Lisa Kudrow
Josh Lucas
Tim Blake Nelson
Dylan McDermott
Christina Applegate
Eric Bogosian
Carrie Fisher
Franky G
MC Gainey
Janeane Garofalo
Ted Levine
Faizon Love
Natasha Gregson Wagner
Paris Hilton
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