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Woo is a flaky but strong-minded girl who gets to choose between a string of willing males. But the film, a would-be latter-day She's Gotta Have It, suffers an early failure of nerve. The first shot of the anonymous heroine takes in her legs, her short skirt, her tight top - and finally her glossy face. We're meant to see Woo (Pinkett Smith) as a maverick, but the film has already marked her out as a 'classy lady'; the sort of female who always takes on the black macho male and remains utterly unreal. Equally unengaging are hero Tim (Davidson), the wimpish buppie who loves her, and his male buddies, who provide the requisite quota of chauvinism - an endless flow of sexism and homophobia apparently challenged by the film, but actually endorsed. The script does occasionally surge into life, and there's also something interesting about Woo's close friendship with drag queen Celestrial (Girlina), because Pinkett looks rather draggy herself here.

By: CO'Su


Release details

85 mins

Cast and crew

Daisy VS Mayer
David C Johnson
Jada Pinkett Smith
Tommy Davidson
Dave Chappelle
Paula Jai Parker
LL Cool J
Darrel Heath
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