Working Girls


Time Out says

Lizzie Borden takes an axe to the Hollywood image of the prostitute. Focusing on Molly (Smith), a college girl who's trying to make some cash, prostitution is viewed as an economic alternative, another business in the world's financial capital. The overriding unsung leitmotif is that of a procession (of clients, rituals, preparations); the cold reality of Borden's vision is reminiscent of Frederick Wiseman's examinations of American institutions. But where Wiseman's seemingly neutral recording of a nightmare works, Borden's calculated dramatic reconstruction falters as one set of stereotypes is substituted for another. Wooden lines stand in lieu of dialogue, caricatures in place of characters.


Release details

91 mins

Cast and crew

Lizzie Borden
Lizzie Borden, Sandra Kay
Louise Smith
Deborah Banks
Liz Caldwell
Marusia Zach
Amanda Goodwin
Boomer Tibbs
Ellen McElduff
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