World of Glory


Time Out says

Where Songs from the Second Floor envisages the apocalypse through the workings of a city, this shorter antecedent focuses on one 'ordinary' individual, who addresses viewers directly as he introduces the people and places that figure in his life. It's a compassionate yet savage indictment of human cruelty, complacency, conformism and alienation. It's often very funny, even as it's haunted by its creator's sheer horror at acts perpetrated against humans by other humans during the Holocaust.


Release details

15 mins

Cast and crew

Roy Andersson
Roy Andersson
Klas-Gösta Olsson
Lennart Björklund
Christer Christensen
Bernard Eiger
Rolf Engstrom
Gun Fors
Udo Kühnapas
Hans Söderblom
Anne Tubin
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