World of Hurt

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

The IMDB synopsis for this upcoming low-budget British comedy explains that the film is about a detective who, following the death of his girlfriend, is to be found ‘drowning his sorrows in whisky and snooker’. Now, we’re not psychiatrists, but we can’t help thinking that prolonged exposure to the green baize is no way for a man to go about solving his problems. Perhaps it has something to do with the film’s leading man, whose name just happens to be Ian Virgo. Any relation to the famous John? Or is that a conspiracy theory too far? Anyhow, the film turned a few heads at last year’s Cannes film festival marketplace and sounds like a solid slice of DIY Brit-com fun.



Release details

97 mins

Cast and crew

Simon Richardson
Simon Richardson, Nick Bridge-Butler
Ian Virgo
Richard Lintern
Ryan Oliva
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