Wrong Turn

Film, Horror

Time Out says

A competent, thoroughly old-fashioned horror B-movie in which a bunch of kids stray from the freeway and are chased through the woods by freakish inbred mountain men. Though hardly household names, Harrington and Dushku make for a well matched, no-nonsense couple. Taken purely as disposable entertainment, it does the job. The film-makers have clearly studied the likes of Deliverance and The Hills Have Eyes, and their youthful target audiences will be well satisfied by the steady stream of shocks and laughs, which often come simultaneously. Perhaps it's unwise to delve deeper than the cartoonishly schlocky surface, but there is something undeniably dodgy about the presentation of the mountain men: bloodthirsty, grunting, slavering, mutant Untermenschen. In fact, it's something of a miracle that anybody in America goes camping at all any more, so relentlessly are their cinemagoers bludgeoned with the message that holidaymakers should never veer from the well-beaten track.


Release details

84 mins

Cast and crew

Rob Schmidt
Alan McElroy
Desmond Harrington
Eliza Dushku
Emmanuelle Chriqui
Jeremy Sisto
Lindy Booth
Julian Richings
Garry Robbins
Ted Clark
Kevin Zegers
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