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Time Out says

Rollicking is the word the publicity people grab for when trying to sell a tedious piece of period-comic trash like this pirate spoof. Here it signifies the embarrassing sight of three generations of British comedy - Fringe to Python to Comic Strip - gritting their teeth through a series of gags in the meekest of bad taste, about sheep-shagging, cowflop, and big tits (Madeline Kahn in the Barbara Windsor parts), accompanied by token Americans to make it more acceptable to people in Idaho wondering why the accents are so weird. The script, for which Chapman and Cook must bear some responsibility, is a three-minute Python skit bloated out to feature length, involving buried treasure, revenge, and machinations close to the throne. Depressing stuff.

By: KJ


Release details

101 mins

Cast and crew

Mel Damski
Graham Chapman, Peter Cook, Bernard McKenna
Graham Chapman
Peter Boyle
Richard 'Cheech' Marin
Tommy Chong
Marty Feldman
Peter Cook
Martin Hewitt
Michael Hordern
Eric Idle
Madeline Kahn
James Mason
John Cleese
Spike Milligan
Nigel Planer
Susannah York
Beryl Reid
David Bowie
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