Yes Nurse! No Nurse!


Time Out says

This campy, pastel-hued send-up of Hollywood musicals (based on a popular Dutch TV series) revolves around a rest home whose patients have a penchant for performing choreographed dance numbers. The incessant theatrics annoy the curmudgeony landlord who repeatedly attempts to have them all evicted. The first few songs—including the cheeky "Fuch... Fuch... Fuchsia"—are enjoyable. However, Klivia's residents then go on to sing about pigeons and grandpas and everything else that happens to cross their minds, in a series of increasingly desperate musical numbers. Still, it's hard not to ultimately be won over by the film's keen eye for self-parody.

By: EC


Release details

100 mins

Cast and crew

Pieter Kramer
Pieter Kramer, Frank Houtappels, Piotr Kukla
Loes Luca
Tjitske Reidinga
Paul de Leeuw
Paul R. Kooij
Waldemar Torenstra
Lennart Vader
Edo Brunner
Frits Lambrechts
Olga Zuiderhoek
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