You Got Served


Time Out says

For a film that currently occupies the top spot on’s worst-films list, this isn’t good enough. Sure, the direction’s shambolic, the acting laughable, the script amateurish, the editing clumsy, the plot no more than a laboured device for getting from set-piece A to set-piece B in as quick and corny a fashion as possible. But is it the worst ever? At heart an extended promo for now-defunct commercial teeny hip hop band B2K, this is a handful of breathtaking dance sequences stitched together by very bad acting. It follows the members of a South Californian breakdancing crew hoping to win a dance competition and get out of the ghetto. Everything else is incidental and fills time between terrific scenes of hardcore rug-burning in which gangs of dancers meet in crowded warehouses and throw down choice insults before aggressively trying to formation- dance their opponents off the stage. It’s like a hip hop haka. Only the most curmudgeonly would consider it wholly unwatchable.

By: CS


Release details

95 mins

Cast and crew

Chris Stokes
Marques Housto
Jennifer Freeman
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