Yours and Mine

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Maybe a little too protractedly raucous for its own good, Wang's scabrous black comedy satirises four contemporary obsessions: cars, homes, bodies and love. It's divided into four chapters with those titles, but its intersecting storylines cut across them just as the main characters cut across lines of class and wealth. The working class scenes succeed best in teasing out the pathos underlying the satire, and Lin Chengsheng (a fine director in his own right) is indelible as the grumpy proprietor of a scuzzy noodle restaurant with a hang-up about the size of his penis.

By: TR


Release details

114 mins

Cast and crew

Wang Shaudi
Wang Shaudi
Bai Bingbing
Lin Chengsheng
Hsieh Li-Jin
Hsu Jie-Hui
Gu Bao-ming
Jeffrey Xu
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