Zéro de Conduite

Film, Comedy

Time Out says

Vigo's anarchic, disorienting vision of life in a French boarding school, banned until 1945 when Vigo had been dead for eleven years. Outwardly it appears to be an accurate picture; and yet nothing is real. The teachers, their idiosyncrasies appropriately magnified, are seen through the eyes of their pupils. The boys' revolt against mindless discipline culminates in a surreal battle in the playground on speech day. Thirty years later, Lindsay Anderson re-used the same symbols in his own attack on the Establishment, If....


Release details

44 mins

Cast and crew

Jean Vigo
Jean Vigo
Louis Lefèvre
Gilbert Pluchon
Gérard de Bédarieux
Constantin Goldstein-Kehler
Jean Dasté
Robert Le Flon