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Zombie Honeymoon

  • Film

Time Out says

Add to the things-that-suck list the fate of having your groom become a flesh-eating undead creature. Such is the lot of poor Denise (Coogan), faithful to her new husband despite his sudden cannibalistic tendencies, in David Gebroe's darkly conceived horror comedy. Alas, such clever premises do not a marriage—nor a film—make.

Early scenes suggest a directorial sensibility that's both cheekily ironic and confidently atmospheric: After Denise and Danny (Sibley) impulsively bolt from their ceremony to the strains of surf music, they jump into a can-trailing car and speed off to an uncle's beach house for a week of connubial intimacy. Tanning in the sand, they enjoy a quiet, couple's moment, Danny exhausted and crashed out in his wet suit, Denise looking over him fondly—until she notices the dark mystery man lumbering slowly from the surf before them.

Zombie Honeymoon never really tops that slow-mounted initial attack (the dude eventually falls on Danny, coughing up black bile and promptly dying). Danny emerges from a brief but scary flatline with new tastes, but the film doesn't seem to know what to do with them: Eat the travel agent? The local jogger? Denise's fidelity to Danny is the one original aspect here, but Coogan is given so little to work with, you'll eventually wonder why she doesn't just brush off the experience as one of those fashionable "trial marriages" and move on.—Joshua Rothkopf

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