Zombie Undead

1 out of 5 stars

Time Out says

1 out of 5 stars
That inane, state-the-bleedin’-obvious title isn’t even the most redundant feature of this laughably inept DIY horror movie. Leaving no Romero-inspired cliché unmolested, ‘Zombie Undead’ follows a group of mismatched victims-to-be as they attempt to find their way out of a rural hospital packed with flesh-hungry walking corpses. The performers are uniformly, enthusiastically dreadful, spouting ripe dialogue with the guileless zeal of a provincial amateur dramatics society who’ve gone rogue and ditched ‘Oliver!’ in favour of ‘Dawn of the Dead’. Producer-director Rhys Davies doesn’t seem capable of recognising the daftness of his enterprise, so he keeps things po-faced and self-serious. The result could be a cult-of-crap smash to rival ‘The Room’, provided that audiences are willing to endure some longeurs on their way to a small handful of choice so-bad-they’re-hysterical moments.



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