Zone Troopers

Film, Science fiction

Time Out says

The playful, plagiaristic Poverty Row spirit of early Roger Corman is not dead. Starting off as a conventional war film (Italy 1944), with a bunch of American GIs stranded behind enemy lines, it soon escalates/degenerates into an absurd semi-sci-fi thriller when an enormous rocket is discovered smouldering in the forest: it's a Martian spaceship, and a benign, burbling alien survivor is on the loose. Not as good as producer Charles Band's own Trancers, and it would be unfair to recommend too highly any film featuring a distinctly un-Hitlerish Führer (Martin) and a daring escape ludicrously accompanied by the sounds of big band swing. But as inventive nonsense scarcely tainted by plot logic, it's more rewarding viewing than any Hugh Hudson film.


Release details

86 mins

Cast and crew

Danny Bilson
Danny Bilson, Paul DeMeo
Tim Thomerson
Timothy Van Patten
Art La Fleur
Biff Manard
William Paulson
Alviero Martin
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