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Time Out says

A film which comes with two heavy strikes against it: it was made during the '60s boom for epic adventures in exotic climes (which now look like a breed of cinematic dinosaur), and it recounts one of those heroic tales of the thin red line holding out against hordes of fuzzy-wuzzies that endlessly fuelled Boy's Own. In fact, Zulu is a fairly tough-minded and interesting account of a company of Welsh soldiers doing their bit for somebody else's Queen and Country in an alien land (the script was co-written by the chronicler of the Highland Troubles, John Prebble), and is a more honest account of imperialism than the belated follow-up, Zulu Dawn, supposedly telling the Zulus' side of things. In his first starring role, Cockney wide boy Caine actually assumes an upper crust, but is finally one-upped by Baker's officer of Engineers.

By: MA


Release details

135 mins

Cast and crew

Cy Endfield
John Prebble, Cy Endfield
Stanley Baker
Jack Hawkins
Michael Caine
Ulla Jacobsson
James Booth
Nigel Green
Ivor Emmanuel
Paul Daneman
Glynn Edwards
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