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Brace yourselves: temperatures could hit the mid-30Cs in the UK next week

A week-long heatwave is on the way, with southern and eastern areas expected to bear the brunt of the heat

Sophie Dickinson
Written by
Sophie Dickinson

Things are about to get seriously warm in the UK. The summer, it seems, has finally arrived – we’re talking temperatures in the mid-30s by early next week. Time to get the suncream out, people. 

The warm spell is going to extend throughout next week into the following weekend, with southern and eastern areas expected to bear the brunt of the heat. There might be some patchy rain in northern and western parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland over the weekend. But after that, it looks like everywhere is going to experience some of that sunshine.

The Met Office defines a heatwave as three consecutive days of weather above a certain temperature, the threshold for which varies across the country. It reckons those levels – more than 28C in London, or 26C in the East Riding of Yorkshire, for example – are going to be reached over the next day or so.

As a result, children, the elderly and people with underlying health conditions have been warned to take extra precautions, like spending time in the shade and staying hydrated. And to be honest, that sounds like decent advice for all of us, underlying health problems or not. Stay safe out there!

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