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Can you guess the European city with the most spas?

The continent brims with brilliant places to swim, have a massage... and think about nothing

Sophie Dickinson
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Sophie Dickinson

There’s nothing better than a spa break. Spending the whole day relaxing in a pool, getting a massage and thinking about, well, nothing? Sign us up. And it turns out that the best place to do it in Europe is... slightly unexpected. 

A new survey by comparison site
 has analysed the number of spas in cities across the continent, then worked out how many they have per square kilometre. And the results show that if you’re looking for a day dedicated to wellness, Paris is the place to go. It has a whopping 965 spas in total, or nine per square kilometre, which is more than anywhere else in Europe. The city is also home to the most expensive spa, with a day pass at Molitor Spa by Clarins setting you back €290. You’d hope to feel pretty zen after paying that.

Second on the list is Barcelona, with 605 in total (or around six per square kilometre), followed by Brussels which has 73 spas (around two per square kilometre). Apparently the Belgian capital has a whole load of beer-themed locations that allow punters to bathe in a tub of yeast and hops. 

As for spa towns in the UK? Yet more surprises here, as Bath has been ousted by the Roman city of Chichester. It has around one per square kilometre (and 13 in total), so you’ll never be far from a lovely heated pool. And in the USA? Honolulu ranks at number 13, with 196 or around one per square kilometre. New York is also in at number 15, with 784 spas or one per square kilometre.

Here are the top ten spa locations in the world, according to the report:

  1. Paris 
  2. Barcelona
  3. Brussels
  4. Athens
  5. Vancouver 
  6. Zurich 
  7. Bordeaux 
  8. Lyon
  9. Basel 
  10. Chichester

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