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Photograph: StudiocanalIdris Elba on the set of ‘Yardie’

Exclusive: Idris Elba is directing a heart-wrenching drama this year

‘It’s got an action-thriller element to it, but it’s emotional’

Phil de Semlyen
Written by
Phil de Semlyen

Idris Elba sat down with us this week to chat about his new movie Luther: The Fallen Sun which shortly lands on Netflix, as well as those Bond rumours, his favourite superheroes, and his feelings about London’s traffic. 

And some exciting news surfaced during the conversation: Elba will direct his second feature film this year.

Following up his directorial debut, 2018’s gangster drama Yardie, the Londoner shared his plans to get behind the camera again. 'I'm actually shooting a film at the end of this year that I'm really excited about,’ he told Time Out. ‘It's a contained story about a man who looks after refugees and finds some that are displaced.’

And playing that humanitarian worker? The man himself. ‘I haven’t really announced it, but it's me behind the camera and me in front of the camera,’ he revealed. ‘It’s not a massive film but it’s big for me.’

The so-far untitled film will ‘have an action-thriller element to it, but it’s also emotional’.

‘Acting's a good job,’ he said, ‘but behind the camera is the best – and hardest – job in the house. I loved my first film: I learnt a lot, I love the process and the crews, but now I think about what I'd do different. I really do have to be disciplined about how I pull it together. It's twice the work.’

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