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An acoustic guitar with a woman's hands playing
Photograph: Pixabay/Creative Commons

Fender is giving you three months of guitar lessons online, for free

Written by
Divya Venkataraman

We all have an optimistic version of how we imagine we'll emerge from isolation: buff, literary and extremely well-versed in sourdough bread-making. 

We can't promise all of that, but remember when you promised yourself you'd learn to play the guitar that ended up gathering dust in the corner? That ball, at least, is well within your court – Fender is now offering three months of free lessons online, in guitar, bass or even ukelele.

The famed guitar maker has even got high-resolution videos with lovely real teachers, and you can track your progress online. You can follow along to videos or practise at your own pace, with adjustable scrolling tablature and a metronome. And before you ask, yes, the offer is open to people all over the world.

It's a no-commitment trial, so if you feel like you've done enough by the end of the three months, you can stop there. Just want to learn how to pick 'Smoke on the Water'? That's fine. Want to become some hypnotic 6-string master? Keep strumming. 

We're all inside for a while, so let's make some music while we're here.

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