German clubs are hosting socially-distant drive-in raves

Parking-lot parties with full soundsystems and pyrotechnics are cropping up around the country

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Let’s be honest: the good nights out of yore were pretty much the antithesis of physical distancing. They were sweaty and sociable, and definitely unhygienic. So club promoters are very much having to think on their feet right now – and as you might well expect, the 24/7 party people of Germany are leading the way.

Last weekend, Club Index (a superclub in the town of Schüttorf in Lower Saxony) hosted one of world’s first drive-in raves – and footage from the night makes us a little more optimistic about the future of losing it to the sound of sweet, sweet dance music.

The club set up a festival stage, full soundsystem and lighting rig in its car park, and put on three ‘Autodisco’ parties for 250 cars (with two attendees allowed in each) from April 30 to May 2. Videos from the nights show drivers honking horns and flashing lights in time to live sets from from DJs including Devin Wild, Nitefield and MarvU. If you want to get a feel for the atmosphere at the Friday party, check out this video from Wild’s Instagram:

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Played at the Autodisco party of Club Index yesterday, such a fun experience! 🤣 HIT YOUR HORN 📣📣📣

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No word on whether he dropped Gary Numan’s ‘Cars’ as his set-closer.

Elsewhere in Germany, World Club Dome also hosted two drive-in club nights with 1,000 guests each on Friday. Headliner Le Shuuk DJ’ed in front of ‘the world’s largest hydraulic screen’ and brought fire cannons and CO2 for extra theatrics. To maintain distancing, car windows had to stay shut, while music was broadcast through their radios. There have been no reports of any drivers leaving under the influence.

Both Club Index and World Club Dome are planning more drive-in raves for the future. Kudos to them for turning what is essentially a blaring traffic jam into a tell-all-your-mates-about-it night to remember – though we’re looking forward to the day when nightclubs reopen for pedestrians too.

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