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Here's what people thought about Friends: The Reunion

They weren't just on a break, but they are back

Written by
Rhys Thomas

Friends. Reunion.

Two words that beam nostalgia into the eyes of just about everyone, everywhere. 

However, as with all reunions, or extra series and shows tacked onto the end of a perfect show, there's the risk it'll spoil what we already had and loved.

Except perhaps Oasis reforming, there isn't a higher anticipated reunion possible. 

For scale, the finale of Friends had 52.5 million viewers in the US. Despite finishing back in 2004, it's still a big part of pop culture, and widely watched by new generations. 

"Friends: The Reunion", or "The One Where They Get Back Together", aired on HBO Max last night (May 27, 2021). 

How did the fans, the Friend-heads if you will, react to the reunion? 

Generally, it seems to have gone down well. Good or not, there wasn't a better time for the show air – given we've all been having a lot of time in over the past year. It was the perfect blend of novelty and nostalgia. 

A theme of how people reacted was they were into seeing how in that world, feasibly, little has changed.

Specifically, a lot of people were into the fact that Ross and Rachel's actors, David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston admitted they fell for each other a little during the filming.

Some fans were also a little annoyed that certain scenes from teasers weren't in the reunion show, such as Rachel eating the trifle. Others were also hoping for a Paul Rudd cameo (after all, there were a lot of cameos that made less sense than his would have). 

Of course there's nothing to say this is the final, final reunion, is there?  

However, most people were very into the reunion. I mean, a greying Chandler and Joey reclining on those sofas, you can't beat it can you. 

You can watch Friends: The Reunion via Now TV

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