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Japan’s long-awaited Nintendo Museum is finally opening this year

After three years of delays, it’s been officially confirmed that building works on this former factory are complete

Liv Kelly
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Liv Kelly

There are a whole load of weird and wonderful museums set to welcome visitors this year, from the Canoe museum in Ontario to the Museum of Homelessness in London

One we were particularly excited for this spring was the Nintendo Museum in Kyoto, but it never actually opened its doors. However, things might finally be about to change. 

Originally scheduled to open in 2021, the video game company had big hopes for a museum housing everything from the Nintendo Switch to artifacts from its OG role as a playing card printer. That date was instead pushed back to spring 2024, and now that it’s nearly summer, we’re still here, nunchucks at the ready.

While it isn’t clear why the museum has taken so long to come together, we can safely assume it’s got something to do with construction. The site is a former Nintendo factory where old consoles and products were repaired. Now, it seems its conversion to a museum is finally complete. 

In the museum’s latest financial earnings report, Nintendo confirmed that building works on the Uji City site are done and dusted. ‘The museum building is already complete and we are currently getting ready for opening,’ it reads, ‘Since we anticipate these preparations will take some time, we have set the opening for fall 2024.’

So it’s good news for all you Mario-heads, Wii Sport tennis racket wielders and general Nintendo fans. We’ll keep you posted when a specific date is announced. 

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