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Netflix could soon crack down on password-sharing

The streaming giant reported a loss of 200,000 subscribers in the first three months of the year

Sophie Dickinson
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Sophie Dickinson

Bad news for people still using their ex’s Netflix login: it might not work for much longer. The streaming platform is cracking down on people sharing passwords, meaning that if you’re ‘borrowing’ someone else’s account, you might soon get logged out. 

The streaming giant has hinted that while lots of people share passwords legitimately between family members, the practice is likely to be made more difficult. It’s thought that around 100 million households are breaking the rules, so the days of clandestine Bridgerton binges are probably numbered. 

The move comes as Netflix reported a loss of 200,000 subscribers in the first three months of the year. That’s thought to be due, largely, to people unsubscribing due to the rising cost of living. The platform had recently raised membership costs and pulled out of Russia (a rather big marketplace) entirely, which couldn’t have helped. Now the firm reckons another two million users could quit by July.

Netflix has already started charging users in Latin America extra if they share their password. Experts reckon that it’s likely the firm will roll out the measures worldwide in an attempt to grow its paying subscriber base. Yet another thing to think about as the cost of living crisis bites.

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