Tenerife is planning a brand-new island-wide train network

Plans for four separate railways are in place to alleviate congestion across the island

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La paradisíaca playa jardín, en Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife
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Picture a getaway to Tenerife and gorgeous beaches set against stunning hills probably spring to mind. However, the reality is that the island can get pretty congested with traffic, but the government is planning on some changes to fix that. 

Four new train services, to be specific. Expected to be completed by 2045, an island-wide railway network is in the works which comprises 80km of tracks altogether, 22 of which will run through tunnels. 

Each train will carry around 450 passengers, and have a maximum speed of 220km per hour. It’s thought that if all the works go ahead, by 2040 7.5 million people will be using the trains each year. 

After 20 years of discussions, works are due to begin by the end of the current legislative term, which is in 2027, and it’s thought the whole thing will cost around £4.8 billion. However, the new railway lines are being tackled one at a time. 

‘Instead of needing €4 billion upfront, we are discussing segments that require €300 or €400 million, making it more feasible financially,’ said Pablo Rodriguez, regional councillor for public works and mobility, according to the Express.

And while the plans aren’t all confirmed yet, we do a little about what the routes will look like. The South Train would serve the eastern coast of the island, the North Train will run alongside the TF-5 motorway corridor, offering high-speed connections between Santa Cruz de Tenerife and Los Realejos, and the West Train will run between Icod de los Vino and Adeje. 

Sounds like quite the project, right? Stay tuned to know more about if and when the plans go ahead. 

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