The Midnight Club – everything you need to know

Netflix is set to bring the chills in October with Mike Flanagan’s new horror series

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Jon Hornbuckle

Halloween is just around the corner and Netflix are cranking up the horror with their new series from Mike Flanagan, the creator of Midnight Mass and The Haunting of Hill House.

With a cast of horror veterans and rising talents, The Midnight Club is set to bring the thrills and chills this October.

Here’s all you need to know about The Midnight Club.

What is The Midnight Club about?

The Midnight Club is an adaptation of the 1994 horror novel by author Christopher Pike.

At a hospice for terminally ill young adults, eight patients come together every night at midnight to tell each other horror stories.

They make a pact that the next of them to die will send the group a sign from the afterlife, but as with any good horror, expect nothing to be as it seems.

When will The Midnight Club be released?

The Midnight Club will arrive on Netflix from October 7, 2022.

All 10 episodes will drop on the same date, so all that’s left to decide is if you’ll binge all of The Midnight Club before Halloween, or draw out the horror for weeks.

There’s no word yet on if there will be a second series of The Midnight Club, but if this series is a hit then expect Netflix to adapt more of the dozens of spooky novels that author Christopher Pike has published.

Is there a trailer for The Midnight Club?

Yes! Feast your eyes on the below to get a taste of those spooky tales.

Who is in the cast of The Midnight Club?

The cast of The Midnight Club features horror legends alongside rising talent.

Heather Langenkamp plays Dr Georgina Stanton, who runs the hospice for young adults. The actress became a horror movie icon with her role of Nancy Thompson in the A Nightmare on Elm Street films.

Heather Langenkamp as Dr. Georgia Stanton
Photograph: NetflixHeather Langenkamp as Dr. Georgia Stanton

Iman Benson leads the cast of teenage patients. She portrays Ilonka, who arrives at Brightcliffe Hospice after being told that she has advanced thyroid cancer. 

There she meets fellow patients Kevin (Igby Rigney), Sandra (Annarah Cymone), Anya (Ruth Codd), Cheri Ian (Adia), Spencer (Chris Sumpter), Natsuki (Aya Furukawa) and Amesh (Sauriyan Sapkota).

Several of Flanagan’s old collaborators return in The Midnight Club including Rahul Kohli as Vincent, Zach Gilford as Mark, and Samantha Sloyan as Shasta.

Rahul Kohli previously starred in Midnight Mass and The Haunting of Bly Manor
Photograph: NetflixRahul Kohli previously starred in Midnight Mass and The Haunting of Bly Manor

Who is the director of The Midnight Club?

The Midnight Club is created by Mike Flanagan, the showrunner behind other Netflix horror hits like The Haunting of Hill House, The Haunting of Bly Manor, and Midnight Mass.

A lifelong fan of author Christopher Pike’s works, Flanagan told his Twitter followers that the series will explore more than just the title book. 

‘I began brainstorming an adaptation of The Midnight Club as a teenager, so this is a dream come true,’ he explained. ‘It’s an honour to introduce a new generation of young horror fans to the world of Christopher Pike. Oh, and for you fellow Pike fans out there… we will be incorporating a lot of his books into the series. So whatever your favourite Pike book is, there’s a chance it’ll be part of the show.’ 

Flanagan’s movie credits include horror classics like The Shining sequel Doctor Sleep, Oculus, and Ouija: Origin of Evil.

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