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AI-generated art
Photograph: ‘The Curator’ Courtesy of Dead End Gallery

The world’s first AI-generated art gallery has opened in Amsterdam

Every piece of art at Dead End Gallery has been created by artificial intelligence

Beril Naz Hassan
Written by
Beril Naz Hassan

Whether you’re spooked or amazed by AI, there’s pretty much no escaping that it’s here to stay. ChatGPT and other AI tools are now writing our emails, putting together our social media posts, and creating weird yet intriguing art.

And now the world’s very first AI-generated art gallery has opened in Amsterdam. Located near other outlandish attractions in Amsterdam’s central De Wallen neighbourhood, Dead End Gallery features the inventive creations of AI machines and algorithms ranging from digital paintings to interactive installations. 

Talking to euronews about the unique exhibition, Constant Brinkman from Dead End Gallery said: ‘We are the first gallery in the world to physically exhibit AI-generated art, AI-generated artists.’

They explained that the first step in creating the exhibition saw programmers commission software to create a fictional artist. Then, these artificial artists started generating their artworks. While each piece they produce is unique, the pieces are not flawless. Some pieces feature people with six fingers, for example. But, Brinkman says the AI creators are getting better with experience, so their art should improve in the coming weeks. 

Those who want to buy any of the pieces might have to double-check their savings account. When one of the AI artists, Irisa Nova, was asked how much its paintings were worth, it said: ‘The estimated asking price for the curator could vary between €3,000 and €10,000.

So far, the public’s reaction to the concept of AI art has been mixed. Some are wowed by what artificial intelligence can accomplish, while others don’t think the pieces reflect real art and say that AI art infringes on copyright by using parts of already existing work.  

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